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Annalisa M.

The idea of buying a property after several years of renting, I do not deny it, worried me a lot. Every family member had different needs to be taken in account. My husband wanted a position conveniently close to his workplace, the children did not want to change school, and I...I wanted a house with a garden without giving up city comforts. It almost seems to us to pretend too much. Then we met Sit Immobiliare who succeded in pleasing everyone. Now that the move is over we can’t do anything but enjoy our new home.

Leonardo B.

My wish was to proceed with a modernization both at an aesthetic and at plant level, enhancing the quality of the apartment without upsetting its structure and charm. SIT has skilfully assisted me in elaborating and shaping my ideas, also coordinating the workers and directing the work. For a professional like me, always traveling for work, it was essential to be able to rely on his assistance and expertise.

Claudio V.

Our business has been open for about ten years. We have always had a loyal clientele attracted by the quality of the treated brands. What we needed though was a change of image, a complete restyling and greater visibility. SIT offered us a complete consultancy and highly professional consultancy. We found the perfect location for our business: a characteristic point of sale less secluded than the old one. Together we defined the furniture, the finishes and the spaces. Now our shop talks about us and showcases every item, best enhancing it.

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